Routledge Mobility, Markets and Indigenous Socialities

Exploring how people from Andean communities seek progress and social mobility by moving to the cities, Cecilie degaard demonstrates changing significance of kinship, reciprocity ritual in an urban context. Through a focus on s i


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Palgrave Macmillan Constructions of European Identity

This book examines EU discourses on Turkey in the European Commission, Parliament and three EU member states (France, Germany Britain), to reveal discursive construction of identity through EU representations of Turkey. B


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Palgrave Macmillan High Mobility in Europe

Travelling intensively to and for work helps but also challenges people to find ways of balancing personal life. Drawing on a large European longitudinal study, Mobile explores the diversity ambivalence of mobility situations a


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Edward Elgar Publishing The Regional and Urban Policy of the European

The regional and urban development policy of the European Union, or more precisely, EU Cohesion Policy, is undergoing change. This is driven by enormous transformations in regions by shifts in thinking analysis. i


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Palgrave Macmillan Urban Mobility in Modern China

This book is an empirically rich case study of what is currently the most popular alternative fuel vehicle in history of motorization electric two wheeler (e bike). The provides sociological insights into e mobility in China an


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Springer Brooklyn's Bushwick Urban Renewal in New York, USA

This book offers an extended case study of the urban community of Bushwick, located in Brooklyn borough of New York City. The authors begin with a broad review of history of and Brooklyn, from before earliest European settleme


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Springer Transport of Animals Intended for Breeding, Production and Slaughter

The transport of farm livestock was the subject of seminar held from 7 8 July 1981 at Commission of European Communities (CECl, Directorate General for Agriculture, Brussels as part of work of Division Coordinating


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Routledge Mobility, Modernity and the Slum

Only virtuous humans are supposed to move in time to meet their happy destiny or karma. The tale of Jamal in Slumdog Millionaire is such a case of serendipitous mobility towards riches and love a 'journey' in which good heroes urban


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Springer Population Mobility, Urban Planning and Management in China

This volume contains essays that examine contemporary urban and regional planning development in China. Through in depth theoretical empirical analysis, it provides insights into policies operational mechanisms of this coloss


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Routledge Mobility and Locative Media

Mobilities has become an important framework to understand analyze contemporary social, spatial, economic political practices. Especially as mobile media seamlessly integrated into transportation networks, navigating urban spaces, a


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